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Cultivating strong, courageous women, empowered through the love of Christ, who are self-sufficient and financially stable.

The Program

Naomi’s Hope is a nonprofit Christian service ministry whose purpose is to bring emotional, physical and spiritual wellness to those who have suffered low self-esteem from sexual, drug, social, emotional and physical abuses from others, or self-inflicted. To equip women to break free from destructive habits. To make good decisions. To set realistic goals with a plan to obtain them.

Through our Christ-centered program, we work together in partnership with and through the community with a diversity of programs, to support the women and children to address their individual struggles.

Program Phases
1.  Restarting
Introductory 30-day period to program expectations, weekly accountability meetings with staff members, Bible study, and classes specific to struggles. Demonstrating willingness to learn, adapt and work at new beginnings and life choices. 
2.  Renewal
Identifies interest/passion in Career Goals, secures employment (if applicable), Establishes healthy family routines, Connecting with Christ in personal study and church attendance.
3.  Retraining
Positive influence in peer surroundings; Participates in Educational/Vocational Training to improve earning potential (if applicable); Acquiring Parental and Financial skills; Planning for the future.
4.  Reconnecting
Volunteering & Building community connections; Participates in relationship training; Meeting with a Mentor; Increasing income (if applicable); Planning for post Naomi’s Hope with stability in occupation, housing and life skills.
5.  Reintegration
Secure employment with living wage; Budget on track, continue community connections with church, mentor and support groups; Becomes alumni & mentors to future Naomi’s Hope clients.
Our Services Include
1.  Physical
Household and personal hygiene items
Advocating / Companioning Appointments
Furniture Ministry
2.  Educational
Life Skills Classes
Birth and Parenting Classes
Grief Support Groups
Celebrate Recovery Groups
3.  Spiritual
Bible Studies
Biblical Counseling

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